New Board of Directors at InterSearch Worldwide

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InterSearch Worldwide is proud to introduce the recently elected Board of Directors who will lead the organization during the next three years’ mandate:


InterSearch Worldwide new directors


Frank Schelstraete – Belgium | Samantha Robinson – United Arab Emirates | Olimpia Bisogni – Italy
Micheál Coughlan – Ireland | Allen Oakley – USA


New Board of Directors at InterSearch Worldwide


Frank Schelstraete, who will serve as Chairman for his second mandate, commented:

“The InterSearch Shareholders chose to grant leadership continuity in these challenging times. Together with our worldwide partners we are fully committed and equipped to keep on working in 70+ countries worldwide. We stand beside our customers either they need a more sustainable business model or are now facing higher and unpredictable demands for the market.”

Allen OakleyInterSearch USA is serving as Board member for the first time:

“I am honored and energized to serve on the board of InterSearch Worldwide. In collaboration with the other board members as well as the extensive leadership that already exists within the InterSearch Worldwide organization, I look forward to helping spearhead the continued growth and innovation for all InterSearch Worldwide stakeholders.”

The election of the new Board has been organized through an online General Assembly instead of being held during the in-person yearly global Conference that has been postponed to 2021.

Further to the new Board, the InterSearch partners unanimously approved InterSearch Norway and Euromanager – InterSearch Spain as new Shareholders thanks to their cross-border business development as well as the successful execution of international projects.

“It is a real privilege for us to be part of the large family of InterSearch. From the first moment, we have felt welcomed by all members around the world. We and our clients strongly believe we have a brilliant path to travel with InterSearch” said Alberto Abadias – managing partner at Euromanager. Jan S. Øinæs, Managing Partner at InterSearch Norway added: “our success in the Energy and Renewables industry continues to grow and highly benefits from the InterSearch membership to fulfil our international clients’ needs”.

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