Mid-Caps & Family Business

e define Mid-Caps as organisations which have a different level of ownership involvement to the very biggest listed companies. In our definition, Mid-Caps include family businesses and government organisations.

Mid-Cap companies will often have shareholders which are very active on the Board, and in management. The Board is likely to have a very close relationship with the Executive Team.

When working for Mid-Caps, we are always mindful to search very hard of the following attributes, for both the Board and Executive teams:

  • Cultural Fit – sharing the Vision, and executing the Strategy whilst protecting the culture.
  • Collegiality & Teamwork – a keen desire to leverage the talents of everyone in the organisation.
  • Agility – speed of sound decision-making and impeccable judgement.
  • Respect for others – including those above, alongside and below.

We know that our experience can add a great deal of value in understanding what is required for, and finding, people who are outstandingly successful in a Mid-Cap.

Key contacts

Peter Waite - Partner & Board Director of InterSearch Worldwide

Peter Waite

Partner & Board Director of InterSearch Worldwide

Rob Pocknee - Partner of InterSearch Australia

Rob Pocknee

Partner of InterSearch Australia

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