Board’s primary responsibility is the protection of Shareholder interests, within the wider context of stakeholder management and maintenance of the organisation’s social licence to operate.

The Board has the primary role in the development and articulation of strategy and enhancement of overall corporate performance. Critical to the achievement of best practice is the “dynamic” of the Board, which in turn is a function of composition and structure.

We conduct Board Appraisals that seek to determine how a Board operates, the “good” and “bad” habits that may exist and whether these are impediments to best decision making. We address issues of Chair style and effectiveness and how this interplays with the other members. We audit the skills and experience of the existing Board and assess whether collectively they address the strategic and operational challenges of the business, or if not, what gaps exist. We can assist in filling any gaps, either by internal development of skills or through adding skills through the addition of new members. Structurally, are appropriate subcommittees in place? Finally, is the Board sufficiently diverse to ensure that issues are adequately investigated from a variety of perspectives?

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