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Board’s primary responsibility is the protection of Shareholder interests, within the wider context of stakeholder management and maintenance of the organisation’s social licence to operate.

The Board has the primary role in the development and articulation of strategy and enhancement of overall corporate performance. Critical to the achievement of best practice is the “dynamic” of the Board, which in turn is a function of composition and structure. Improving your board’s effectiveness will help contribute to an improvement in the performance of your organisation.

Our Board Effectiveness & Performance Appraisals will tell you how your board is benchmarked overall and in each of the main areas of a board’s effectiveness compared to similar boards in your chosen industry. Our appraisals will also tell you the main areas in which improvement is recommended.

InterSearch Australia has partnered with Board Surveys who specialise in delivering world class, validated, benchmarked board surveys and reports. We have embedded their board surveys in our board evaluation offerings which may also include interviews and other review procedures. If you would like a written proposal for a review that includes interviews and/or other review procedures please Contact Us.

If you simply want a world class online board survey and benchmarked report, without interviews or other review procedures, please order that directly from our Board Surveys partner page.

To try a shortened version of our board survey that is designed for a single user and receive your own benchmarked report, click here.

To be emailed a sample benchmarked Board Effectiveness Report please click here.

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