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ealthcare is the fastest growing industry in the Australian economy and, with a rapidly ageing economy, is predicted to continue on that path for decades to come. Consequently, Aged Care is the fastest growing segment within the healthcare sector.

Government funding places pressures on the health sector not encountered in other industries. Senior leaders in this sector who competently manage and deliver broad and complex service outcomes are highly sought, as are professionals and leaders in the competitive private Healthcare sector.

Aged Care is similarly complex in funding and under government regulation, so leading organisations demand astute leadership. This sector has historically been serviced by small operators – in recent years, much larger professionally managed organisations (profit and not-for-profit) have been growing exponentially through acquisition which has increased the demand for highly capable commercially-savvy leadership.

InterSearch Australia has a strong healthcare and aged care practice, having assisted in the recent appointments of senior leaders within all sectors, and for their industry associations.

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Rob Pocknee - Partner of InterSearch Australia

Rob Pocknee

Partner of InterSearch Australia

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